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Francoise Elizee


Launching in 2023


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My Book


The entrepreneurial spirit of the Haitian woman has always inspired me. The Madan Sara (“Madam Sara”) or “woman in the market,” who carries the local economy on her shoulders, and all the women who have earned the title potomitan—a woman who plays a central role in the family and economy of Haiti—are simply remarkable.
This book is a tribute to the Haitian women and a testament of my admiration for them—their impeccable aesthetic, talent, and contribution to the culture. It is about a journey to a Haiti that few are familiar with, but all fall in love with when they visit.
The photography in this book is by my dear friend and talented photographer Pipe Yanguas. He connected to the Haitian spirit and captured the story of these women, their work, and their success. The combination of a “new eye” and old memories make this book special, bringing a fresh look to an unknown island.
The women featured in this book have all earned the title potomitan. Their stories and pictures exude a sense of determination, pride, and sensibility in regard to their country.

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